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June 20, 2005

Stop Smoking and Constantine

Filed under: Random Thoughts — Gede @ 3:06 pm

Stop Smoking and Constantine
So you smoke. Your breath smells, your clothes smell of tobacco smoke, your teeth are more yellow then they should be. If your partner doesn’t smoke, he or she is constantly aware of your habit, especially when kissing. Your life expectation is lower then people who don’t smoke. Your stamina is less.
But […]

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June 19, 2005

Wireless Networking with LinkSys and Asus

Filed under: Web Activities — Gede @ 5:03 pm

Wireless Networking with LinkSys and Asus
When I installed a computer for my wife in her study, I connected her PC with a long 10baseT ethernet cable. I was to lazy to put the cable out of sight, so whenever she wanted to browse the Internet we had a cable through the house.
After some failed peer […]

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June 9, 2005

Canon EOS 350D or keep the EOS 300D?

Filed under: Digital Camera Department — Gede @ 3:04 pm

Canon EOS 350D or keep the EOS 300D?
Update: I did buy the EOS 350D, read here EOS 350D
I already use Canon Camera’s for some time. It started of with a Canon EOS 5, after while of not being interested in photography I bought a Canon G2, soon followed by a Canon G5, and now a […]

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June 8, 2005

Windows Mobile 2005 Magneto for XDA 2

Filed under: Mobile Phones — Gede @ 2:04 pm

Windows Mobile 2005 Magneto for XDA 2
After exchanging my XDA 2 in favor of a Nokia 7710, I never looked at the O2 PDA again. But like a friend of me, the Nokia 7710 experience was not one without irritation. Its slow, very slow and crashes are not uncommon.
After surfing a bit on the net […]

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June 7, 2005

Job Search and Personality Tests

Filed under: Random Thoughts — Gede @ 3:46 pm

Job Search and Personality Tests
I wanted to wite something about my struggle for happiness in my work and did some research about keywords that people use to find a job on the internet. I found that there are many people looking for things like “blow job” and “hand job”. Makes you wonder what is the […]

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June 4, 2005

Credit Cards and Internet

Filed under: Web Observations — Gede @ 4:47 pm

Unfortunately I live in a country where credit cards are often misused, so an easy setup of a merchant account is not available. Accepting online payments can not be done without bank accounts in other countries as it seems, so I may ask family one day to set something up for me.
I read some good […]

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Telkomnet Instan Premium Dial Up User Speed Test

Filed under: Web Observations — Gede @ 12:58 am

Telkomnet Indonesia introduced a “new” product, faster surfing with a dial up modem, called “Telkomnet Instan Premium“. The adverstising promised a 10 times faster connection, so I was highly interested, because I live in an area where my choice is dial-up with a 56k modem or a satelite system of some sort.
The Premium dial up […]

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