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Webshop Solution, many possibilities

Your own web shop online?. Bali Web Design has an affordable solution for you. Sell your products online with this user friendly webshop. The only thing you need is a digital camera and an internet connection to build your online shop. All management of the site is done via an easy web interface, no need for webdesgin knowledge.

You can try out the example right here:
Bali Handicraft and Furniture Shop

The site is optimised for search engines, and is guaranteed to have very high listings in the major search engine google
Bali Handicraft Furniture, sample webshop, for sale

The design of the site (this is just an example) can be matched to your products and your likings. The site can be adjusted to your preffered client payment method.

Features of the site:

  • Web interface to change to add, remove or edit pages
  • Web interface to change to add, remove or edit products
  • Web interface to change to add, remove or edit product categories
  • Uploading of pictures with automatic creation of thumbnail pictures
  • Unlimited number of pictures per product, unlimited number of products
  • A link exchange program (usefull for search engine placement)
  • View Statistics for each product
  • Subscription to mailing list, for building a client database
  • Flexible category system, products can put in more then one category
Possible extensions for the webshop:
  • Multi Lingual versions, from English, German, Dutch to Japanese and Chinese, clients can choose the language
  • Affiliate system, give linking web sites commission on your sales, with administration for your affiliates
  • Client database, let your clients have their data stored on your site, with private login
If you maintain the website outside of Bali:
  • Full documentation for maintaining the site, and making the site a success
  • Email support for engine ranking and content issues
If you live in Bali the following can be included:
  • Training and instruction for the personel handling the web site
  • Continuing support, at your place, for search engine ranking and content issues
What you need:
  • A quality webhost with php and mysql. (or be hosted at one of Bali Web Designs sub domains)
  • A digital camera (or scanned pictures) and an internet connection
If you want to sell, silver, furniture, handicraft or anything else via the web, this webshop is one of the best solutions you can get, with guaranteed high exposure on major searchengines, and premium support, if you want, at your place in Bali.

Contact me for details about the web shop.

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