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MovTweak, change the size of Quicktime Movies

More fun with your Canon Digital Camera

This little Visual Basic program changes the display size of Quicktime VR movies. I wrote this because the PhotoStitch program that came with my Canon G2 Digital Camera only creates 400*300 size panorama's and I wanted a wider view. It does not change the file size.


Maybe there are other easier ways to do it, or maybe there are more tweaks that could be handy. I would like to know how I can "tweak" the mov file so it starts rotating by itself. Please let me know.

Please note that the program is tested only with Panorama's created with the combination of PhotoStitch / QuickTime VR, using it with QTVR files created in an other way, may not give the required result.

Download MovTweak

Download VB6 runtime ( if needed )

Steve Sanders from Steves Digicams says:

Thanks for the info, I added you to the list on our Digicam Software page under Utilities. Your program worked fine on my MOVs created by images stitched from PhotoVista into JPG and converted to QTVR with VRWorx 2.

Another user:

I used it with Panavue and Panorama Factory generated mov files, it works !

Talk about MovTweak in this forum.

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