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Clieopatra, Clieop Software

Clieopatra is a Dutch program used for electronic banking purposes. The goals set for this site were: Provide easy to read information about the software, a download facility, contact and order form. The site had to be number one for related keywords in all search engines. The product name was chosen because it contains the main keyword for the product, and its easy to remember. The site in successful is selling the software. There are hundreds of users, and growing. The software inspired an other company to register the Dutch domain name for the software, a stupid mistake from my side. The site is 2 years old, and is ready for a new face and has to move to its own domain. Soon...

Bali-Portal is my first site about Bali. I made it after my second visit to Bali. It has only links to websites about Bali, sites that I liked in one or another way, and didn't find on other sites. The site was very successful, listed very high on Google, for the keyword Bali (and other phrases) , but I got over-enthusiastic tried to promote it too much, and got kicked out of Google, a useful lesson. I restored the original version of the site and waited until Google was so kind to let me in again. The site now ranks in the top 20 Bali sites, and soon the top 10. The site lists high in other search engines like AltaVista and MSN. I use the site also to promote my own sites and websites that I design for others. It has a sophisticated Bali forum, in many languages, but the forum cannot compete with the already well know Bali Travel forums. Funny to notice was, that the success of the site inspired other web designers to use the name in their keywords.

Bali Pictures, Photos and e-cards

Bali Pictures is a pictures sharing site with well, pictures from Bali. It was my first experience with php/MySql and the 4images program. It inspired me to create templates for this program and to learn php. The site now has about 600 pictures from Bali, mostly from my own collection, but people upload too. It has high rankings in the search engines and attracts hundreds of visitors a day. I also use this site to guide visitors to some of my other sites. I display Adsense Ads to pay for some of the hosting costs..

Bali Property Information shows properties / real-estate in Bali. The site is completely build in php/MySql. Almost all pages can be edited via a web interface, Property pictures and description can be uploaded and edited via the web, anywhere in the world... It shows villas, houses etc for rent & sale, and land for sale in Bali. It has information about Bali visas and the Indonesian law regarding property. It shows news from Bali and Asia, extraction free available xml news feeds and has a link exchange program. The site offers a platform for builders of real estate in Bali. The site scores high in Google for essential keywords. A lot of quality traffic is directed to this site. Recently I added a real-estate e-card functionality. The Bali Expatriate Travel forum is hosted on the same domain. There is an expat picture gallery for the forum: Bali Expatriate Picture Gallery Another version of the site, in Dutch, based on my webshop is here: Villas in Bali - Kopen Huren en Wonen

Bali Villa, Villa building sale rent
Bali Hotels Lovina, Bali hotel

Bali Hotel Guide  is based on the same php application that I wrote for the property site, but extended it with hotel booking options. It shows hotels in North Bali, mostly in Lovina. The plan is to make this site a Lovina-Singaraja portal, a true guide to this region of Bali, with lots of useful information. The only way to make this site successful in the crowded Bali Hotel Internet market is to offer quality content, and high quality pictures. It hosts information from Bali Diving with Spice Dive, the PADI dive center I used to dive with. This site is rather new, and still has to find its way in the search engines, but I am confident that it will get the right visitors. This site has an E-Card function as well.

Portfolio >  Design Page 1 -  Design Page 2 - Design Page 3

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